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Goal-focused recruitment workshop

Building your own company, you can’t allow yourself spontaneous hiring “based on feeling.” It will cost you a lot. Avoid making the typical startup recruitment mistakes by measuring what matters!

Find your top 5 KPI for smoother hiring and a powerful workforce.

 Vilte Szekely

                  International recruitment growth expert;

Workshop for growing startups:

the recruitment mistakes in startups and their causes :

Losing time and resources

If your recruitment methods are not strategically selected or data-backed, you lose time and resources without guaranteeing success.

Losing focus

Measuring several not purposely set KPIs is making you lose focus. You won’t get closer to your goals if you get lost in the details.

Short-term success

If you don’t have a detailed long-term KPI plan, reaching your long-lasting success and results are unrealistic.

Employee shortage

Avoid long hiring time and unoptimal candidate selection by ensuring your recruitment processes are optimized and up-to-date.

unstable Workforce

To build your solid workforce structure, you need to map your employees’ skill sets and keep their data fresh to solve sudden problems.

Not reaching goals

You won’t reach your set goals without knowing which steps to take and what to prioritize. Using KPIs determines your overall success.

Your startup’s success depends on your human workforce’s effectiveness. It is your most expensive resource, and managing it strategically is crucial for long-term success and control.

Find the right KPIs for your goals, TO get:

Better Offer Acceptance Rate

Increased First-Year Employee Value

Decreased First-Year Employee Turnover

Better Hiring Pipeline

What will happen during your 3-hour workshop?

We assess your current situation and your desired goals

We show you the recruitment reports used by top players in your field

We set your priorities in resourcing

You get your TOP 5 KPIs to achieve your long-term success

About Nordconn

Nordconn Sweden is a Stockholm-based company providing recruitment expertise through services such as in-house recruitment, recruitment technology experts, and workshops to get you on the recruitment fast track.

Our experts are high-level individuals with international experience and recognition in their field.

Nordconn’s workshops and digitalization-related services, such as data-based recruitment reports, are customized to your needs and industry to help to take your company’s growth to the next level!

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Meet Vilte

Vilte is the co-founder of Nordconn Sweden, a recruitment and digitalization expert, and the brain behind our recruitment workshops.

She gained international recognization and experience as she worked with companies such as Microsoft.