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Learning the top tips when using Canva

Kickstarting 2 job ads with attractive and new company-branded templates

Acquiring the knowledge of how to avoid the „boring zone” with your candidates?

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Ester Toth

            Marketing visual expert

Have you ever faced any of the following recruitment stress factors?

You just work, work, work … on job ads

Making and writing specialized job ad materials for every platform is time-consuming; you can’t see the end of it.

Let’s not even talk about that if your hard work doesn’t bring the desired result and feels like it was a waste of time.

super hard to stand out

Doesn’t it feel frustrating when you find great candidates, but they don’t even reply on Linkedin?

Candidates will not make it easier for you. You only have 0.1 seconds to get their interest – when you have it, all the missing parts will fall into their place.

The horror of ghosting

Your candidate was super interested yesterday; today, they are not picking up the phone anymore.

Ghost will come and go as a natural part of the process – still not easy to deal with the extra workload it is causing.

So what’s the way to reach engaged candidates?

Use the same engaging job ad on many platforms

Use attention-generating job listing designs that are suitable for several platforms, not just LinkedIn:

Make candidates reach out to you!

Your job-ad is your identity - DRESS IT UP

Make job listing designs mirror your brand’s identity. Just like dressing up nicely, you must show an outstanding image of your company, first impression is crucial!

Work on what brings you results

Use easy-to-understand and consistently branded job listings to save your time and resources on designing new ad materials every time.

Join our Canva for recruiters workshop to create engaging job ads:

What will happen during your 3-hour workshop?

You will learn:


You will see the most crucial parts of job listing designs and what part you need to customize to match different roles or industries for maximal effect!

By understanding the basics, your result will be constant!


We will provide you with 3 Canva job listing templates (for every platform), specialized for your company/brand.

You can create any listing design in Canva within only 30 minutes!



The cool Canva features you always wondered about!

You can use the time-saving shortcuts, and unique design features just like a Canva professional!


We are recruitment EXPERTS!

Nordconn Sweden is a Stockholm-based company providing recruitment expertise through services such as in-house recruitment, recruitment technology experts, and workshops to get you on the recruitment fast track.

Our experts are high-level individuals with international experience and recognition in their field.

Nordconn’s workshops and digitalization-related services, such as data-based recruitment reports, are customized to your needs and industry to help to take your company’s growth to the next level!

Contact information

Contact us:


Find us at:

The Park Södra – Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, 118 65 Stockholm (


6.235 SEK / 3-hour workshop

This price will get you:


An extra 15-min call from our top expert to tailor the workshop for your company's specialties


2 company branded templates: Created during the workshop and ready for you to use


5 pre-selected ad examples to analyze with us: What makes a job ad effective or ineffective


The chance to select the TOP 3-5 values that you want to attract with your job listings


All the above within a 3-hour long workshop: Where we also assist you throughout the practice of your new Canva expertise

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