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Why do people choose outsourced recruitment experts?

Recruiter as you go

Consider your hiring needs: are they always intense or changing between peaks and lows? Scaling up and down is one of the most significant benefits of contracted recruiters.

Not evolving = regressing

The labor market is more dynamic than ever. Your candidates are not the same as a year before, so you can’t be either. We ensure our outsourced recruitment experts are up-to-speed – by training, diverse experience, and knowledge sharing.

Sharpen your job offers

Working outsourced opens many doors for recruiters to: build strong connections with hiring managers, represent your values and culture, and negotiate the best offer with your new hire on your behalf.

Single focus =better hiring

An outsourced recruiter dedicates their full capacity to you. Unlike other external recruiters, you are the number one priority for an outsourced recruiter.


= outsourced RECRUITMENT experts

Stop wasting time and resources experimenting with how to recruit better, and you get your personalized formula action-ready and data-backed with high-profile recruiters!

We outsource recruiters on a time basis, entirely dedicated to you. They recruit, considering your company’s values, to find the perfect candidates with the most effective methods based on your field.


New projects but no resource?

Sounds familiar! Don’t be among the firms that cannot staff projects.

Engage for a 15-min virtual coffee and learn more about how to step on the recruitment fast track and how you can get Nordconn outsourced recruiters.

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How can outsourced experts help you?

Resource faster and smoother

One of the biggest challenges these days is the constantly increasing number of open positions because we need new colleagues immediately.

Nordconn’s recruitment experts – built into the recruitment teams – fill the most challenging positions and get what you need: quality new colleagues in the fastest way. It’s an easy win. You won’t lose more candidates due to the slow recruitment process or impersonal headhunter activity.

Your candidates meet us like a company representative while your internal pool expands.

Look for long-term success!

Every organization faces countless challenges. It’s perfectly okay if you’re confused about where to start putting the processes in order. However, it’s not okay if you only focus on everyday recruitment.

Organization & Development competencies are the keys to your company’s long-term success. Managing your HR goals from start to end, building a profitable recruitment strategy, rolling projects you have always wanted, but there was no one to lead them. That’s what OD-focused recruitment support is all about.

Use data-driven recruitment for full control

Well-founded decision-making is based on data. Data-driven recruitment helps create a more efficient hiring process that comes from your already available data.

The right analytics and reports show you which areas you need to develop and on which you need to have more focus or control. Leave your intuitions and perhapses, make confident decisions, and present your needs with valid numbers at board meetings.

Do you need an expert to start this journey?

Use technology for organization development

Digitalization is all around us; why would you work in the same flow as it was 10ten years ago?

Being up-to-date software with the latest HR technologies is not a privilege but an essential tool for development. Choosing and implementing software for tracking candidates is difficult, but you can easily get lost in the market.

Involving an expert conduces to your presence in HR technology and has a significant impact on your recruitment efficiency as well.

Clients’ success stories

KESZ Holding

Our partner is a group of diversified and wonderful companies. In 2018, Board faced the challenge of being more organized throughout the holding.


They set a goal to establish a new Project Management Office. The PMO would be responsible for channeling all IT requirements into one. So, they would be able to organize requirements after years of managing – as they say – permanent change management.


The central PMO has been established with the contribution of Nordconn. After the establishment, Nordconn helped to recruit experts to staff the team. As a result, PMO was founded as a powerful and brave team of 15. Nordconn also provided external experts to deliver projects. Through our services – and a strong workforce in KESZ Holding – KESZ was ready to provide several project success stories. These projects included: a digitalization program, people analytics, recruitment analytics, ATS implementation, and business analytics (new controlling reporting). After technological projects, Nordconn helped in recruitment marketing projects, which enabled Holding to find more candidates for ITrigidrts in the tough labor market.


Multinational retailer available in 12 countries with large portion of customer facing employees. Physical stores, e-commerce and additional services (banking, office rental) also key for their business.


The retail employee market is a fast pace, changing arena. Staying in the competition between employers requires daily attention to retention, hiring, benefits, salary, and employee experience.


Auchan partnered with Nordconn to improve recruitment experience, performance management, and onboarding with digital HR applications. During the project standard recruitment process was established throughout the whole organization. Recruitment „speed bumps” were identified and dissolved. Focusing on candidate connection with an easy-apply career site, automated messages, and digital contracting, Auchan built a valuable candidate pool, and the number of applications multiplied. With digital onboarding and performance, management number of leavers decreased – due to better integration and carrier management.

Data-driven HR decisions became part of daily activities. Nordconn as a strategic partner, was responsible for defining HR processes best fitting the retail industry, leading software development (agile methodology was used for quick adoption cycles), and preparing board materials for investment decisions.


Smart Grid Billing

Smart Grid Billing, Inc. is based in California, USA, and has team members contributing from around the globe.

Smart Grid Billing is committed to saving energy all over the world. They envisioned reducing the energy consumption of hospitals, hotels, municipality institutes, and educational buildings using an innovative IT solution. The “GridRabbit” solution created by Smart Grid Billing enables the saving of electricity, water, and heating by monitoring the actual usage and need of the consumers. Numerous sensors and an intelligent central computing method collaborate to realize energy-saving targets. Solutions can also regulate multiple e-car chargers, saving energy and CO2 emissions while keeping drivers mobile. Based on the actual environmental circumstances, point–saving is between 15 and 30%.

Our impact:

Nordconn’s contribution to this solution is the development of the front-end and enabling users with an intuitive UI. Having collaborated since 2016 with several global experts, we are happy participants in sustaining a green world.


NN RAS operates as a non-profit entity in NN Group, it provides the NN headquarters and it’s subsidiaries with risk management, actuarial and software development services

The purpose of the NN RAS is to provide unified support to the NN headquarters and its subsidiaries, to provide them with risk management, actuarial, and software development services.


As an internal consultant, the company won more and more projects thanks to its high-quality work. The number of incoming requests multiplied, and many project opportunities were lost because the organization could not keep up with the increase in headcount.


The NN RAS CEO realized the need for extra resources in the HR department. Our in-house recruiters started working on open positions and managed candidates end-to-end. We implemented a competency-based recruitment process, held interview technique training for professional managers, developed the onboarding process, and ran recruitment marketing campaigns. Thanks to these activities, the number of employees of the company doubled in 2 years. In the 3rd year of the cooperation, our client is enjoying the results of our work, with which they won a prominent place in the employer market for actuaries and financial experts.

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