IT consulting

Business analysis

Our business analysts who have both IT and business expertise, function as a bridge between the business area and IT. From defining the business need, through the coordination of IT implementation to supporting the takeover of the result of the development our experts ensure that the business area receives such a solution which covers the requirements and which is used easily during everyday work.

Project management

Our project leaders with experience in agile and classical project methodologies in multinational environment will help you ensure that the projected results are met in accordance pre-set schedule, with optimal use of the available resources.


Our experienced system testers and test coordinators improve the quality of the development and performance, as detecting and repairing any system malfunctions becomes more effective and the amount of testing tasks of business areas can be reduced significantly.

Our methods include automated and manual testing solutions carried out by the latest technologies. User experience of the developed solution is always a priority for us.

Software development

With our software developers we provide unique solutions which are able to meet business needs perfectly, but we also customise and implement out-of-the-box products. We use the latest technologies and we focus on cloud-based and mobile-optimized solutions.

Our customers receive continuous feedback through the presentation of already customized functionalities, upon request using Agile methodology.

Providing resources

Our expert data analysts support executives with measurements and reports presented in an easily understandable way during their daily work in making informed decisions.

With the help of our UX experts our products do not only represent high quality in their functionality but in user experience as well. Based on our customers’ feedback, the systems we have ever implemented have a long life span in companies.

GDPR and Data protection

We assist our clients with processes of internal implementation and system development of data protection legacy and data security in data privacy consulting and/or business analyst projects. In the cases prescribed by GDPR we can provide resources with the appropriate level of expertise in the form of service activity for the data privacy officer. The DPO assists in creating legitimate internal data protection and data security processes with advice and consultation. DPO coordinates and promotes changes that are made due to legislative changes in the environment.


Efficiency program

International Insurance Company

The Insurer’s efficiency improvement initiative aims at replacing older, costly operations with innovative solutions. We had the task of running these projects and the whole program (a total of 25 subprojects).

Areas affected: the entire Board + CEO, middle managers and project members (~40 people).

Quality assurance of CRM implementation

International Insurance Company

The aim of the company was to reach business growth by the support of a new sales tool and to provide an excellent solution for managing customers and opportunities for the network of 1200 partners. Our team led the quality assurance in partnership with Deloitte Hungary. As a result of the project a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM solution was implemented for the use of the entire sales network.

Areas affected: sales, marketing, IT.

USA: building automation

Chain of Hotels

With our US partner we have been developing a market leader solution for several years, which can best optimize energy consumption of hotels, hospitals and other similarly large buildings.

The essence of the solution is that it can regulate the heating and electricity consumption of the building based on the usage statistics, and measure changes continuously. One of the latest results of our project is a 24-station electric car filling station in Sacramento, which was connected to the energy network of Hyatt hotel. If you are interested in other usages of the solution, please contact us.

Insurance operation backoffice system introduction

International Insurance Company

The insurance company set the goal of automation of the main operational processes: maturity, contract management, and handling of damage incidents. A new process management system was set up on both the business and the IT side. Our team made the preparation of user stories and participated in development with agile method. Our tasks included managing, planning and organizing testing, manual testing, test cases, preparing test logs and user manuals.

During the work the entire operation was put on new grounds.

Areas affected: operation, sales, contact centre, records management.

Developing a domestic data warehouse in compliance with international financial requirements – an international project

International Insurance Company

The insurer aimed at setting up a central data warehouse where all business units in the enterprise find relevant data and metrics that can be easily generated with the BI system to create graphics easy-to-understand management reports.

As an international organization, it was also necessary to ensure that the accounting data were transferred to the data warehouse operated by the parent company of the group, thus ensuring compliance with the international financial reporting standards.

Throughout the project, full compliance with the expectations of the international project (in the professional financial and architectural field as well) including continuous professional consultations with the Hungarian and foreign project organizations, was carried out by calling subcontractors for tenders as well as providing active professional support in the strategic and conceptual issues.

Areas affected: Marketing, Product development, HR, Sales, Finance, Accounting, Controlling, IT – domestic and international

Mobile application development

International Insurance Company

The insurer set the aim of developing such a unique and innovative mobile application, that enables the user to have a life and accident insurance which can be switched on and off, only for the period of actually doing a certain sport activity. Our company conducted the business analysis of the introduction and led the project.

Areas affected: Mobile application (iOS, Android), Product Development, Marketing, Law, Operation

Rationalization of Economic Processes

Domestic Construction Company

Acquiring, billing, retrieving, evaluating, streamlining processes and operating structure for the company’s procurement billing processes were carried out in order to shorten deadlines for partners.

Areas affected: Accounting, Finance

Developing a system for ordering business services

Domestic constructing company

The company has set the aim of further developing the classical HelpDesk systems to include not only IT but all the services provided by other business areas into an integrated ordering system. Hence all the relevant services can be reached by every user independently from the used platform (desktop, mobile, tablet), resulting in easier measuring and reporting.

Areas affected: HR, IT, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Quality Assurance

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