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Digital HR solutions

Agile firms of today can not work with the support of „personnel department”, which sounds familiar from the past. It is not enough anymore. Learn how to create a professional, real team and collaborative solution with the help of digital HR solutions.

Following examining and learning about your needs together, we create and introduce digital HR solutions. During the planning phase we calculate return on investment, and while introducing we focus on improved user satisfaction and streamlining work processes. Together with the introduction we also hold trainings, which smoothen the transformation in order to make a future-proof system.

Our firm has developed partnerships in relation with several solutions, including the outstanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent solution. If you would like to know more about this solution, visit the homepage of the producer here.

If you are interested in how to set up a HR solution with a monthly fee and with low introduction cost, contact us.

Recruiting and Onboarding digitization

The direction of recruitment and expanding workforce changed a long ago: now it is the candidate who chooses not the company. Therefore, it is high time to think over, what will make candidates choose your company and how to make them find it attractive as a workplace also after starting work there.

In order to provide an outstanding candidate experience, it is essential to be able to search among the incoming CVs easily and to make the past of the candidate visible only with a few clicks. Our Azure-based candidate database supports exactly this, moreover, it enables the user to track recruiting as well as to carry out administrative tasks necessary to complete employment contracts. In addition to storing candidate-history this application makes communication with business areas and candidates transparent, as well as the in-built and tailor-made reports provide a comprehensive picture of ongoing recruitments and of the state of the funnel status.

Recruitment efficiency development consultation and digital recruitment with intruduction or with monthly payment.

Development of unique HR applications

Behind HR problems there are often organisational and process shortcomings. Organisational development tasks – in the age of digitalisation – are also worth supporting from the technological side. However, every organisation is different, one drug does not mean real remedy for everyone – and at Nordconn this flexibility is also reflected in the development of individual HR applications. We consider that the goal is not only to introduce a new software from which the organisation expects changes, but also to closely support the organizational development objectives and that the company can reach the implementation of the HR strategy. This customized information technology support is provided by the Nordconn HR and technology expertise.

Human Collaboration index

Do you recall the figure of the tip of the iceberg and the ice mass below it? Similarly, organisational problems often occur like this: a small symptom is encountered by the HR or the business area first, but the real causes of the problem are rooted in the depth, which requires a comprehensive health check on the whole organisation to determine how mature the company is from the HR point of view  –  this is the Human Collaboration Index. In addition to setting the index the research will reveal the areas where the most work should be done.

Our references

HR Program Leadership

International insurance company

The main process of HR was digitized and the new processes coordinated. The digitization of network recruitment was carried out starting from completely new fundamentals.

Areas affected: HR Core admin, ATS introduction, ATS development, GDPR compliance. Number fo users: 1000

Training management

International insurance company

Our client set the aim of introducing a training management system for their new entrants and existing employees. We supported the cloud-based L&D solution as well as carried out the management of the implementation project.

Areas affected: HR Core admin, ATS introduction, ATS development, L&D system implementation and integration. Number of users: 1000

HR digitization, Dynamics365 Talent introduction

International manufacturing company

Our dynamically developing client with 500 employees had the task of digitizing recruiting and entry. The project mapped the current processes and jointly we developed a digitized recruitment and onboarding solution, a fully clouded Talent system.

Areas affected: recruiting and onboarding, candidate database, GDPR compliance, Nexon integration, AD integration.

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