HR consulting

HR consulting

Onsite recruitment and onboarding development

How can an employer be the first in the battle fought for candidates? We can see the crisis of classical external recruitment (agency, headhunter) today. Recruitment itself is not a headcount or quantitative issue, but much more than this: winning the competition in the labour market. That is why we have developed our services including consulting as well (onsite recruitment, onboarding development).

Our aim to deliver the results of the latest digital marketing, agile recruitment and measurable efficiency improvement to ensure that our customers find and keep the best employees.

Performance management

The performance of the employees basically determines the profitability of a company, but when it comes to measuring, tension appears from both the employees and the employers. The fundamental purpose of our methodology is to demolish the fears and misconceptions related to performance management. We have set up measurement systems transparent and easily understandable for both employees and employers, which support the goals of the company as well as those of the individuals.

HR Interim Management

Many executives find it difficult to find quick solutions to HR management (e.g. due to the resignation of the HR manager or an internal conflict), or reconsidering HR processes or developing the efficiency of the HR, internal training or coaching for HR employees arise as a new need. We offer HR Interim Management for such and similar challenges. The professional recommended by Nordconn contracts for a concrete task and for fixed duration, but thanks to sharing leadership and HR consulting expertise previously gained at medium sized and large companies and in multinational environment he or she also provides added value and becomes a strategical partner and solution oriented leader as well. Our aim is, following the examination of the situation, evaluation of the necessary tasks and defining priorities together, to act as an expert who ensures the long term growth of the entire company by strengthening and improving HR.

Organisational network analysis (ONA)

Business transformations have only a 30% chance to succeed. The odds in change management efforts are shrinking even further in digital transformation. Although other barriers must not be disregarded, the main reason companies fail at digital or other kind of transformation is because they don’t get the buy-in from most of their employees.

As we all know from personal experience, some people are more influential than others. You can actually measure someone’s influential reach in an organization. The method used for this is called Organizational Network Analysis (ONA).

OrgMapper | INFLUENCE is an organizational network analysis-based diagnostic tool that enables businesses of any size to more efficiently plan, manage and accelerate their development programs. With INFLUENCE, organizations obtain actionable insights into their formal and informal internal communications and call for a peer-driven election process to find their most acknowledged, capable, and motivated employees ready to drive their organizational transformation initiatives.

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HR Interim Management

Subsidiary of an international company

We took over the HR management tasks of the IT development company of an international betting firm in a fully outsourced form. The goals of our cooperation were setting up an expansion strategy, supporting recruitment and launching retention projects. We carried out consultancy work in the following fields: wage processes, performance evaluation, supporting HR administration and HR support for the managing director, process development and organisational development.

Employees affected: 30 people in Hungary, 5 people in the related international team

HR Interim Management

Subsidiary of an international company

HR support and stabilizing HR has become an issue for our outstandingly expanding customer. Our tasks were to set up and manage HR tasks and processes in the outsourced company. Areas affected: recruitment, retention, organisational development, process development, agilization and leadership coaching.

Colleagues affected:  5 senior executives and HR, and the entire company 30 people.

Set up of a performance management and feedback system

Domestic IT company

Our customer set the aim of introducing a feedback system in order to ensure quality operation. Our task was to set up and introduce a complete performance evaluation system, on which we built up performance measuring processes as well.

Areas affected: Performance evaluation (PIT), bonuses, feedback processes.

HR – RPO and RPO management

International insurance company

The insurance company had a significant number of open positions many of which had been expected to be filled for a long time. Our colleagues took part in rationalising positions and forming the recruitment strategy. In cooperation with transforming the employer brand we also managed to create an attractive employee value proposition.

During our work the busy HR team and the rebuilding IT team were in the focus of our attention.

Areas affected: every board area.

Team expansion concept, recruitment strategy and recruiting

Hungarian subsidiary of an international bank

The Bank set the aim of significantly improving its IT operational team, many positions had long been open. During our cooperation recruitment gained stronger recognition and their HR itself got transformed as well. We also consulted on the latest recruitment methods and digitization opportunities.

Areas affected: Banking IT and Operation

A comprehensive recruitment and onboarding process

Domestic construction company

The aim of the company was to develop a comprehensive HR process, which from the start of the recruitment, providing eligibility and assets and licences on the first day of the new joiner at work, through the managing of the onboarding process to the end, finishes in a probation period evaluation – and does these all in an automated, integrated, simply measurable way.

Areas affected: HR, IT

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